Hello World!

Bite-size amusements from the mind of Rose Surnow.

Not only should le gays have the right to marry they should also be required to write all political protest signs from now on.  

(Source: funnyordie.com)

I love this video and it’s better than a chocolate-covered shoe filled with dicks.

Did SNL get amazing again, or is Maya Rudolph just a comedy genius?  A little bit from column A and a squinch of column B, methinks.  Watch!

Here’s my litmus test:

  • Did you like high school?
  • Do you love Strangers with Candy?
  • Are you OBSESSED with this Shithead video?

If you answered, no, yes, yes then CONGRATULATIONS we have a lot in common and also the best taste!  

Should I get a dog?

Reasons NOT to get a dog:
  • I’m never home.
  • My apartment is tiny and I have no backyard.
  • I’m an anxious bohemian with no sense of commitment.
  • Zero expendable income (oops!)
  • Interacting with poop that’s not mine.
  • I’m young and swingin’ and I want to LIVE MY LIFE.

Reasons to get a dog:

  • I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant one!